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Fresh Air

Basically, fresh air provides well-being and better memory. A great view from the office does not provide fresh air in the lungs. We get the illusion of staying outdoors, but we do not get fresh outdoor air. Fresh air provides more than life, fresh air provides more wisdom and better health. All in all, a better quality of life and better results.

The brain needs energy, both in the form of food and oxygen. If one of the forms of energy is lacking, the functions of the brain and body will decrease their energy level.


When we breathe, important things happen in the lungs. On each side of the lung tissue, vital gases are exchanged out of the blood and air, respectively. The exchange requires pressure change. It is our body's movement in and out that creates greater or lesser volume / pressure in the lungs, and the blood pump that creates pressure change in the blood. When time is created for both pressure changes to function optimally, our energy level is optimized and thus the stress level is lowered. When there is an imbalance in the pressure of the body, the stress level increases.


We know that air enters the lungs to get oxygen into the body. The better the condition, the better the blood's ability to absorb oxygen. What few people know is that when we breathe in, a vital negative pressure is also created in the lungs. The negative pressure means that the heavier molecular CO2 can be extracted from the blood into the lungs and mixed with the inhaled air. It is about the pressure ratio making it possible.


When the body moves, the lung tissue is stretched in the same direction and a negative pressure is created in the lungs. With the extension, the tissues of the alveoli also stretch and become thinner and therefore provide better conditions for exchanging the gases oxygen and CO2. It is in connection with inhalation that CO2 is drawn out of the blood and the oxygen-containing air into the lungs. If the pressure is kept a little, the oxygen diffuses into the blood through dilution. When the body contracts again, an overpressure occurs in the lungs. The overpressure pushes the higher CO2 concentrated air out of the lungs to the air around it. At the same time, the overpressure in the lung tissue also allows the oxygen to diffuse further into the blood.


Under normal conditions, approx. 250 ml oxygen and 200 ml CO2 in and out through the lungs per min. on an adult at rest. The body's pH value is regulated by the CO2 level. At a low CO2 level, the pH value in the body is low, conversely, the pH value will be high. When CO2 accumulates in the body, the acid level rises and there will be pain in the body. Professor Arsen K. Melikov from DTU BYG has demonstrated that when there is a lot of CO2 in the room air, the emission of CO2 will decrease for those who stay in the room. This indicates that CO2 accumulates in the body if the activity is the same as in the room with low CO2 and that those staying in the room have lowered their activity level.


TeamVent2U er et dansk vidensteam. Vent2U etablerede Lillian Kofod efter Climate Week 2015, hvor Paris aftalen 2020 blev diskuteret.

TeamVent2U er etableret efter mødet med det internationale debat om at gøre verden bedre og mere energiøkonomisk.

Der er forskere fra indemiljøet, luft, lys og søvn med i teamet. Derudover er Fischer Ligthing, KE Fibertec, Danfoss og Vent2U gået sammen om at udvikle loftarmaturet til både lys, luft og temperaturstyring for nærmiljøet for en person.

Det er visionen, at Vent2U skal tilgodese menneskets behov sundhedsmæssigt og mentalt.

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